5 Ways To Take Control of Your Personal Finances – BOSS Magazine

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2020, the year that took us by surprise. While we’re trying to move forward in 2021, there is something to consider about the year the pandemic arrived on our shores. Were you financially prepared?

Unexpected job loss, lowered incomes, and job furloughs were all a part of last year’s challenges, so now as circumstances start to improve, and global hope is increasing, it’s time to consider your personal finances and take control of them. Here are five top tips to help you succeed.

Invest your money and save 

A highly important part of managing your money is knowing where to put it. While paying bills and life expenses is first and foremost, the money you don’t need to cover bills should be going somewhere safe. Most people choose to save extra money for rainy days and this is wise, but investing is also another way you can “save” while earning more. Whether you choose to set-up a savings account, invest in real-estate or 401k, financial professionals like Cetera investment services can help you determine where is the best place for you to put your money. 

Make a spreadsheet or use an app to budget

Make a spreadsheet to plan your budget or use one of the many available apps out there to